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an immigration system in our country that meets the needs of a growing economy, the biggest economy in the world that focuses on making our country stronger, not weaker, and hopefully will put this debate behind us. so i yield the floor. >> yield for a question. first could i say all of us who have had the honor of working with you and the senator from north dakota greatly appreciate the work that you've done. if there is going to be a broad bipartisan support for the final product it will be because of what you and the senator from north dakota have done. and i'm very, very grateful for that. and i think that it is important wouldn't you agree that people understand that this is a very tough bill. and it required a lot of cooperation from our friends on the other side of the aisle to go along and agree with this. i think that they've shown a great deal of compromise in order to reach this point and agree with us on this legislation, which clearly we need bipartisan support for. but i would like to ask the senator again for a couple of specifics. because i think it is important we understand how
university, about the state of the u.s. economy. later in the program we will be joined by a matthew segal. he will be here to talk about issues important to young americans. you are watching "washington journal." we will be right back. ♪ >> when you talk about transparency to the american public, there is -- you are going to give up something. you are going to be giving signals to our adversaries as to what our capabilities are. the more specific you get about the program, the more specific about the oversight, the more specific you get about the capabilities and successes, to that extent you have people sitting around saying, "ok, now i understand what it can be done with our numbers in yemen and in the united states and consequently i am going to find another way to communicate." there is a price to be paid for that transparency. where that line is drawn, in terms of identifying what our capabilities are, is out of our hands. if you tell us to do it one way we will do it that way. there is a price to be paid for transparency. >> robert muller makes his last scheduled appearance before
economies in terms of -- because they need europe to be able to take their stuff. watch for china -- i don't know who's really running that country, but i can tell you this, their deceleration in economics is just incredible. it's not bringing us down. >> china may go down below 7%, 6% growth this err year. we are right now the tallest building in elmira, new york. >> it's the shung kamao bank. >> how do you know about elmira, new york? >> i come to play. >> you do come to play. we may be the tallest building in elmira, new york, but people keep buying the dollar. what are you going to do? go to europe? go to china? they're all train wrecks wait to go happen. >> you can't feed china. that's a big issue. 700,000 recespiratory deaths la year. let's go to john meacham. speaking of smoking, he smokes way too much. john, you look at europe, the g-8, they were all lecturing president obama three years ago. sarkozy, where is he now? who knows? he's probably staying at your place in the south of france. >> oh, no, unh-unh. >> but united states is in this strange position of just sort of crawling a
in the largest wely gain in four years. the sooner the fed pays it out, presses on buying. hurting the economy more than it has helped. editor-in-chief steve forbes, great to have you with us. qe appears to be at an end, sort of. $85 billion continues, the rates are moving higher, so that will be problematic. your thoughts on the timing on all of thisy the fed chairman. >> three years late, better late than never, what ben bernanke has done inadvertently this make it easier for the vernment to deficit spending, get back on their feet, issue newonds but for the rest of the economy, smaller businesses like with what they said in russia, health care is free but you can't get any. they a thehe job creators, they are hurt by what bernanke did. not much left for the small guys. lou: a lot of lilimited government, some of them are anti-fed. oh, my gosh, we cannot conclude it a $5 billion per month. i do not like what he has done, bbt don't let him reverse course here. there is a chorus of hypocrisy in pleading for more punch bowl, please. >> it is hard to give up when you have it. bernanke will not d
of the elections. while the economy and iraq's kurdish north is booming, there is still no reliable power supply in baghdad. tangled cables apply electricity. he sewage system is ruined and streets and houses are in dire need of repair. that would mean work if it were for the -- if there went out for the constant violence. >> every time a device explodes, it takes work away from us for a week or two. no one comes to buy supplies. i have a family to feed. lex in the first round of provincial elections, the alliance prevailed, but it garnered fewer votes than the previous poll. there was voting in sunni regions that do discriminate against by the government, but many say it's not even about the sectarian conflict. it's just feuding politicians. >> i hope the elections bring change. there are no jobs. there's no electricity. i hope it gets better. >> at iraqi society is hobbled. although the people of iraq were able to cast ballots on thursday, they are not optimistic. >> markets have plunged after the u.s. federal reserve chairman said the central bank could and bond purchases next year if the eco
going off every day ahead of the elections. while the economy and iraq's kurdish north is booming, there is still no reliable power supply in baghdad. tangled cables apply electricity. he sewage system is ruined and streets and houses are in dire need of repair. that would mean work if it were for the -- if there went out for the constant violence. >> every time a device explodes, it takes work away from us for a week or two. no one comes to buy supplies. i have a family to feed. lex in the first round of provincial elections, the alliance prevailed, but it garnered fewer votes than the previous poll. there was voting in sunni regions that do discriminate against by the government, but many say it's not even about the sectarian conflict. it's just feuding politicians. >> i hope the elections bring change. there are no jobs. there's no electricity. i hope it gets better. >> at iraqi society is hobbled. although the people of iraq were able to cast ballots on thursday, they are not optimistic. >> markets have plunged after the u.s. federal reserve chairman said the central bank coul
. a lot of times cbo's estimates change because actual economic facts change. the economy's getting better, employment is going up, they'll revise their numbers accordingly. that's fair. the only thing i want to say is of course predictions become correct. we have to agree on who's in charge of predicting before we make a decision. >> of course, predictions are not always right, but the key fact of the cbo report is that it scored this immigration bill extraordinarily high and it will be extremely helpful to the american economy. >> right. >> this will be valuable for all of us. so do you think that this cbo report will change or help the impact -- will change the immigration debate or will people who are against it still say, well, i don't believe it. i don't care about what that says? >> well, i think it does change things for the better if you're in favor of immigration reform, which i am. we proponents of immigration reform are always sort of saying in a generic way, this is good for the economy. you bring in talented people. you bring in ambitious people, people who want to work, stay
the economy has not recovered from the collapse that wall street caused in housing and other areas. we had recreational vehicles industries gone. we had some high tech that's moved on. we had a lot of construction, home building, lumber, wood products pretty much decimated. the rural areas i have in my rural counties, unemployment over 20%. people are struggling to make ends meet, and we're going to cut their benefits. they want to work. some of them are working, and we even have a higher minimum wage than some states, but it still won't get you through the end of the month for your family. now, this is just outrageous. there are ways to cut this bill. we're going to stop paying finally at last, we are going to stop people not to grow things. we are going to have a new program of crop insurance and some estimates are this program which goes to anybody with an unlimited income, if you're a corporate farm and has $2 million, government will pay 80% for your crop insurance, 80% subsidies. why is that? we could cut this and -- if you earn a quarter of a million dollars a year, go buy your own
, they can't weaken america. they didn't weaken our economy. they helped build this country, helped build this economy as all of our ancestors did, and that's true of immigrants who want to come here and work and we ought to have a legal avenue that allows these people who want to build a better life for themselves and in the process build a better america, we ought to allow that to happen. this bill in my view doesn't go nearly far enough in accommodating the legal immigration that we could and should have in this country especially with respect to low-skilled workers. i'll be the first to say the bill makes a lot of progress for high-skilled workers, two big areas, the h-1b visas, the cap that has been too low for too long is significantly raised and although we've created hoops people have to go through that are probably unnecessary, it is progress that we have a much higher cap. there's also a new opportunity for graduate students in the stem fields to get green cards in time and that is very, very constructive. these people come here with a great deal of human capital, intellectual c
with a market massacre. ben bernanke saying if the economy continues to improve he will cut back on his 85 billion-dollar a month bond buying program by the end of the year. that reality terrifying wall street. because the market may have to stand on its own two feet. combine that with a massive credit crutch in china and u.s. markets got absolutely slaughtered today. the dow closing down a staggering 353 points. look at that. 2.3% there. if you control down on this market massacre, christian dorsey from the economic policy institute. sam stovall, chief equity strategist at s&p capital iq. gentlemen, thanks so much for joining us. sam, shouldn't have been that big after deal. all ben bernanke said, if the economy continues to improve we may taper back on the buying by the end of the year. not that they will stop it all together. not that they will sell what they already have. look at the big gyrations we've seen. doesn't that tell you how ugly and messy this does point -- dismount actually will be? >> it tells me more, melissa, we're end of june which is quarter ending month a lot of portf
to back off of this government program that has helped push the economy along and that has sent the markets in a tail spin. he used the word "taper", he's going to taper the program. what does that mean? well, imagine the economy to be like a kid trying to ride a bicycle after a spill, trying to get back on balance. the fed has been helping out to steady and push him along with about $85 billion a month in stimulus. ben bernanke has been looking at numbers saying housing is up almost 7% in may, unemployment 7.6%, not getting better but not getting worse, gdp, 2.6%, all of that he's saying is that all of this that is good enough that the government can start backing off and let the economy stand on its own a little more. i'll be there. if it gets in trouble, i'll step in and save it, it will be okay, there is what we should do. so why are the markets so troubled? partially because they're looking at the same numbers and they are not as confident. their sense is that if you step away from this economy right now and try to let it ride on its own, in fact you could have a lot of wob
which will have a terrible impact on state and local economies. going back to when the government tries to implement compassion it will always be done on a political basis. i want to speed up because we want to leave time for discussion and our other panelists. i want to give you an example how this happens. i heard this great example. think about a mother who steals to feed her children. she goes to children. her children end up in foster care. we have sympathy and there is the terrible situation, where is the outcry for amnesty for such a person? where the outcry for family reunification for someone broke the law. it is not there? why? because she is not a member of desired political block people in washington trying to garner favor for. that is to go back to let individual discuss 19 we get mandate for compassion. go next to verse 34, right after the mandate that we exercise kindness to strangers, it also prohibits unjust weights and measures. that is what this bill is. it is an unjust weight and measure. we need to take the things into consideration. i could go on. this bill also, a
economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> by bp. >> and by at&t. >> and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: it could be a breakthrough moment in the longest conflict in american history. u.s. and afghan peace negotiators are going to sit down with the militants who've been battling american troops since 2001. after 12 years of war, senior u.s. officials now say direct talks with the taliban are scheduled to begin within the next few days. the news came as president obama wound up a meeting with french with the at the g8 summit in northern ireland. the president said that the taliban must come prepared to make concessions. >> including the taliban is going to need to accept an afghan constitution that pronounces against violence is committed to
're seeing is ben bernanke is taking the training wheels off the economy. or will eventually be taking the training wheels often by pulling out all the quantitative easing, all the bond buying the fed has been doing. several rounds of this quantitative easing. it's boosted house prices. it's kept mortgage rates down. everybody's nervous when the fed stops buying up all these bond, the economy might not perform all that well and stocks are going to look a little expensive. so that's why you're seeing stocks sell off. that's why you're seeing mortgage rates go up. the ten-year treasury note is rising. the highest it's been in a couple years. think of ben bernanke as a drug dealer, he's taking the drugs away from the economy. >> everybody coming down from that high, as it were. the president in a conversation with charlie rose hinted bernanke would not serve a third term as fed chair. i'll play you a sound bite from that conversation. and then get your thoughts. >> ben bernanke's done an outstanding job. ben bernanke's a little bit like bob mueller, the head of the fbi, where he already s
of this is because the economy and europe and america is still staggering in a lot of ways and when leaders like this are dealing with staggering economy at home, it's really hard to bring these issues to an international setting. >> let's look at it one other international setting with is immigration reform at home. speaker boehner will set a clear line saying he'll do the majority. the majority rule which for a lot of us means the house republicans are going to have the final word on immigration reform. do you think from your political analysis down there in d.c. that this is real and that this is a true line that's being drawn or is this a desire by him to exert leverage now while the senate is moving so he could get something he could move through the caucus. >> think he's drawing the line in the sand right now saying if the senate doesn't put in very big effort on border security, huge issue for house republicans and many senate republicans, conservative senate republicans, this won't stand a chance in my caucus. boehner has to do this because he's violated the guideline that says you can't
is because ben bernanke said we might taper back from this printing. >> we might end it if the economy gets better. i don't believe they're really going to do this. >> steve: you don't? >> no. i don't think ben bernanke will be replaced by janet yellen who is into printing money. i think they will not allow the obama economy to rest on its own. they will keep printing money to keep this feeble economy. if you stop printing money, then all the impact of obamacare, higher taxes, all the regulations that this president has imposed, those chickens come home to roost and forget about the 3% growth. we'll have 1% growth if we're lucky. >> steve: we probably have 3% growth because of this printing of the money. >> right. >> steve: i know you don't think it will happen any time soon. but if it did happen next month what, would happen? >> if he stopped printing money next month, the market would go down to 12,000. i've been on tho thank show and i said if he keeps printing money, there is no stopping it. >> steve: you say 20,000? >> if he keeps printing, dow 20,000 in the next couple years is feasib
and stay here legally and bringing relief to the struggling economy. >> this will help the middle-class grow our economy and shrink our deficits and making sure every one pays taxes like everyone else. >> senators introducing a proposal to bolster security. border surge includes 700 miles of fencing with the addition of tens of thousands border agents and enforces a nationwide e- verify system and needs to be in place before illegal immigrants can apply for green cards. there is no indication whether it will fly before the july 4th recess. >> the current bill is a mess. it is repeating the same failed pattern we saw in 1986. >> instead of throw million we are dealing with len million. and congress is saying the same deal, legalization first and then promising maybe some day in the future the border will be secowered. >> senate leaders have a test on monday. and bring it close to cent votes, that's the target number they say will pressure the republican house to act as well. harris, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you. >> we are on sarah watch. the family of a little girl who had
been down. overall it has been down, they are cost-cutting it will help the bottom line, economy showing some life. if you have been on a plane they are jam-packed. neil: how can that be pleasant? jared, i know you don't know what commercial flying is, but how can it be pleasant? >> i am just not, i am a new pilot. i fly privately. neil: listen to you. >> no, no, i wish i could live the life captain of a major airline 30 years ago. you get on a plane now, it is like a cattle ride, we have gotten okay with that, but i don't think that buying an airline is a good investment, they are bound by the price of oil, they are cutting costs yes, they are making planes more fuel efficient, but again this is predicattd on oil, and communication that changes. neil: but, do you buy that people are happier with this experience, i do not. >> no. neil: i think they are interviewing zombies. >> the plane is full. neil: you could have a blaine full of zombies. >> no matter what you carry, buy the stock, demand it there. >> okay. >> housing starts? you have who to wonder -- you have to wonder with l
that the u.s. economy is on the road to recovery. baby boomers are fueling rv sales. the motor home business hit a detour during the last ut now r vehicle sales apparently are up over the years. so what does this mean for the larger economy? let's bring back brenda buttner, senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears." thanks for coming back. >> absolutely. >> what is driving these numbers? they're up over the past year. >> they're up tremendously. right now nine million american households own rvs, that's the highest level ever. it's a $14 billion market in the u.s. but essentially you need a lot of confidence to buy a gas guzzling home on wheels. so what this is basically saying is that consumers are confident. essentially rv sales, they kind of anticipate a recession, but they also can foreshadow a recovery. so these sales show that perhaps we're on the road to recovery. >> because when sales bottomed out, it was due to a number of factors. like gas prices -- >> yeah. they didn't just bottom out. they went over a cliff from 2006 to 2009 motor homes, rv sales, fell 60%. th
with an economy that we want to see do well. ear not an economy with a nation , a nation creates a binding series of interests, and we call on our citizens to go fight wars and their children go fight wars and put their lives on the line for the nation. and they serve our country. and the country owes them certain protections and a chance to be successful and a chance to be able to make a decent wage with a health care plan, with a retirement plan so they can take care of their families ta, take -- families, take care of their families and send them to college. a nation has those obligations and to simply say millions can come to our country illegally, millions can come legally in levels that jeopardize the working majority, perhaps, of american citizens that pulls down their salaries, allows them not to prosper, is difficult for me to understand how it can be justified. i don't see how we can justify that. i'm not against immigration. we do a million people a year in this country. i think that's about right. we need to shift it some so we are getting people who have a better chance to succeed in
in the eurozone and the economy. they'll discuss the trade negotiations associated with the potential transalantic trade investment partnership. they'll discuss the situation in afghanistan where germany remains a stalwart ally and continues to contribute to the mission there as well as, again, how nato can provide support beyond 2014. i don't anticipate they'll discuss syria, iran, and the middle east peace as issues we regularly consult closely with the german zone. following the bilateral meeting, a press conference. then a private lunch together at the chancellory. following that, the president will give remarks at the brandenburg gate. it comes on the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's speech at the height of the cold war when west berlin was under considerable siege. given the progress made in germany and the fall of the berlin wall, it's a true symbol of the partnership that we forged together. i expect the president would hit on broad themes in that speech associated with the shared history of the transalantic alliance, how far we've come together in germany and the other allies but t
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that line from the up rising. it started as a protest against the backdrop of a declining economy, lack of jobs, corrupt government and excitement with what was going on in the arab world. he followed the tactic of his father, and he said they would strike precisely. they have used brutality they're unleashed every weapon that we're aware of in their arsenal against the population. that they are terrorists is a--there are terrorist factions among the rebels. are they all terrorists? no. but it's a mixed bag. and he has chosen that rationale to tell the world you've got to either stay with me or what will come after me will be much worse for you than what you see today in syria. >> john: indeed. it's very terrifying, and one can only hope that president obama and putin have taken the time to talk to each other and hopefully flush out a way to deal with the-- >> i doubt it. >> cenk: i doubt t too but i'm paid to be an optimist. ambassador richard murphy. thank you for joining us. up next we'll look at the around the clock coverage of the miss teen pageant. when we come back. view this wee
talking about policy. we're not saying we don't like the economy. we're not saying it's this one program. we don't trust you. >> reporter: and that becomes a huge problem for a progressive presi"ent who needs to tell people, let me use the government to make you) life better. if you don't trust him, his disapproval rating is up and you think government is too big -- 6 in 10 americans now think government is too big, that he can't manage it effectively. this is like a political version of an underwater mortgage, if you will. his disapproval is above 50. people don't trust the government. you look at this coming out, is he trustworthy? 49% say yes. that's up 58% since just last month. so he's taking a hit. something has americans stoppint and saying, hey, wait a minute. when you're early second term with the midterms just around the corner, don't invest in one poll, but if you're president and you know the clock is ticking, that's trouble. >> it's one thing about the nsa or about a policy, but if it's whether or not he's believable, it makes it difficult to come back, even it's just one po
's, essentially, the basic need for a formula to get the economy going, and we haven't talked about that yet, but tax reform is going to help the american economy, help get jobs. and in this competitive world of ours, we have to do everything we possibly can legitimately and reasonably to help american people, help american small business, help american multi-national corporations, american companies compete better and have less red tape and be less -- [inaudible] so they can focus more on jobs. so it's a come combination of sb stance and psychology. >> and i'd just say the tax code was broken in '86, and the tax code is broken now. actually, i referenced this hearing. the three witnesses we had, all three of them said the tax code is broken. and i would agree on everything max said, but the other thing i'd just add to that is the world has changed since '86. the ability to invest around the world with the click of a mouse is so much easier. so we have to look at what other countries have done as well, and they have modernized their tax systems. we haven't. certainly in the international bus
the economy, we can talk. but the unconstitutionallizing of -- institutionalizing is part of the obama legacy. go ahead. >> this is not film to say that he is as bad as bush to say there's one area that he is following in bush's footsteps and in some ways, has our ability to do surveillance on a massive scale has increased so has that surveillance. >> stephanie: well, you know you probably saw michael hayden on the sunday shows who is the head of this under bush. he said look, obama is doing this with much more transparency than we did. he's doing it -- everything obama has said with more oversight and more checks and balances. you can have the whole discussion. should we be doing any of it in the first place. i had alan grayson on last week who i love. we have to have agitators and great liberals but his bill, when the president said you didn't have 100% security and 100% privacy his bill would give us 100% privacy but i don't think it's workable. >> i think i said last week, my take is this is happening. we now know it is happening. that it's not not going to happen. and even if they craft
it is a very serious issue. people are struggling in this economy. wages are down, incomes have not increased. why do we want to take this moment and throw more people into poverty? and increased hunger? it does not make sense. in the past, there's been a , bob dole coalition and george mcgovern came together all -- around the issue of hunger. $21 farm bill would cut billion in the nutrition program and the food stamp program. 2 million people off of the program, one million of whom are children. and because there is a link between the program, that means over 200,000 youngsters will be kicked off of the program. it is not right. host: here are some details. commerce mental or old mentioned over 47 lead people are on food stamps. that is 22 million households across over six $.3 billion. that is certifiably dollars in total for last year. $133 on average per month per person. $234 average monthly per 274 per month rea. guest: that has been a driver and a genus of the food stamps program is the number of people who participate go up when times are bad and when times are good the numbers go dow
is drowning in debt. i reject the implication that our economy is doing better because life is good on wall businesses small across this country are crumbling on main street. our country can do better than this massive sovereign debt, this expanding welfare state, just drift toward socialized medicine that is modeled after modern western europe. we can do better, and we must. and starting today, we got to start the fight to regain those values. let me close with this. , wee fight for our country need to do it with joy. thatarty has frankly lost example of the happy warrior. ronald reagan died a little less than a decade ago, and sometimes i fear with his passing we have forgotten that conversations should come with a smile. ought to be our code. our conviction and passion compassion, not content or anger or fear mongering. we stand for the principles that made america great, and we should exude those principles with joy. smile when you disagree with a liberal. [laughter] , and as ronald reagan once said, liberals know so much that is not so. [laughter] [applause] so we need to be strong, co
to it the floor because job market is stagnant, the economy is hurting, and they're debating rape and abortion. and look, charlie dent is a good guy. but the democratic argument against charlie dent is sure charlie dent is a good guy. but he is going to vote for john boehner for speaker, and they'll control the agenda. so if you get rid of charlie dent, there is a chance we can get a new speaker who won't be bringing things like these. so the republicans don't get it. they should listen to the few people left like charlie dent. >> you know, joan, when you look at the fact that as the governor just quoted charlie dent, this bill that has gone to the floor, they're trying to pull back the sponsor because of his outrageous statement. but they're still dealing with the bill and having congresswoman blackburn manage this bill on the floor. >> right. they've decided that they're going to put a woman's face on the bill. and congresswoman blackburn is no friend of women, reverend al. she recently really embarrassed herself by saying that equal pay is not an issue for most women. >> wait a minute, the
in the economy. jetblue and southwest airlines are the top ranked by passengers in the latest performance survey. still, the airline industry as a whole ranks near the bottom of the service sector beating only fees for television and internet companies. needless to say this guy doesn't work for either of these airlines. more than a million people have viewed this of a guy chucking packages onto a conveyor belt. as you can see, he doesn't have very good aim. and now crime time. >> hey. >> the 38-year search for jimmy hoffa's body is one of america's great mysteries and this field in a michigan suburb might finally solve it. or maybe not. acting on a reliable tip from the son of a detroit mob boss and self proclaimed friend of hoffa, authorities are once again digging for the infamous remains. so far no body has been uncovered but there's evidence of cement. that would be significant because the source says hoffa was buried alive and covered over with cement. and best friend turned snitch. the friend of whitey bulger and former hitman john known as the executioner testified in the high-profile tri
. by less than 5% to 5%. the can only adversely affect the economy and thh supply of credit. lou: what is low volume this week? you interpret the reason ffor th for the upcomin meeting and all of the query that we no can presume and one other factor? like it is bein held in this area. >> perhaps it is not a bad idea that to the sideline and have someone take a chance. lou: one of my favorite gurus out there right now -- theycome up with more nonsense. they are pushing a 30 year bull market in bonds sraight in to what they are trying to lift it with all forces, talking about % chance of a recession in the next three to five years. what is going on in the minds of these folks. what are they pushing? i know that they are pushing this a bit. but what in the world is going on with the business that they are even paying attentionthis? >> there is a 60% chance of a recession. in three to fiveears, we are going to fort about this. >> this is all that is going on. other people are talking about the forthcoming 10 year treasury bond, which think is unlikely anytime soon. lou: are the hedgefund
food and farming economy. >> the book is "financing our foodshed: growing local food with slow money". the slow money was the brainchild of a man who had the idea that you could take the concept of money, a venture-capital, investments, loans, and instead of sending it off to wall street you could invested writing your local community. in particular in food. so the idea is if we slow food down you get more quality, thoughtfulness, and it is just better all-around. if you slow money down you get the same result. more thoughtful attention to where your money goes, is it doing good, harm. in particular what if you try to invest it right in your own local community? sustainable farming, businesses that support local food, the support soil fertility, what if we did that? what difference would that make it? we think it would make a huge difference. several years ago i got more interested in a local food movement ended up one of the big obstacles for small farmers was capital to buy a farm, but even just small amounts of capital for a piece of equipment. thirty years ago when my husband and
a decent chance to have a green economy. for that, we need money. we can get involved in a the way that we did in afghanistan and iraq. so the drones give us the ability to get involved without doubt level of cost if you look at how it was done come it is extremely disturbing. that is the administration who went into the conflict in libya without letting congress discuss it. that is because the administration said there is no american lives at risk and this is not a war. so congress doesn't really have a say about this. so it set a precedent for the next administration to get us involved in conflicts without going to congress. i think that it is dangerously seductive with former officials of the obama administration. it seems so effortless but lives at risk. he's just getting involved in somalia and bases now being peppered around the middle east and in africa as well as well as the pacific rim. why are john bases being set up because they must be planned in the future as well. there is something to conserve the proliferation of jones. that is something that she has known about. >> talk a
for customers in economy class. that fee starts july 1st. over at united airlines a new offer for unlimited checked bags for one year at a cost of $349. >> you get a year's worth of free checked bags. if you are flying a lot it might be able to help you out. >> southwest and jet blue remain the only airlines offering a free checked bag. southwest allows passengers to check in two pounds bags in for free. again as long as it weighs under 50 pounds. >> shannon: that is why where i get in trouble. you are out there, what can i take out of that bag and put in that bag. it's going to cost me. [ laughter ] >>> thank you. >> shannon: already contentious debate is getting hotter. this time about healthcare and whether illegal immigrants should have access to free services paid for by your tax dollars. a free fair and balanced debate on that. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ stewart ] this is the kind of food i love to cook. i'm very excited about making the shrimp and lobster pot pie. we've never cooked anything like this before. [ male announcer ] introducing red lobster's seaside mimatch. combin
for your cost considerably more than that, but there are real economies of scale due to the multi-year procurement plans that the congress has approved. do you support continuing with that multi-year procurement plan? >> i am familiar with the specific situation. we are currently closely examining whether a commitment to the 10th ship should be made, for the reasons you just mentioned. the decision, as far as i know, has not been made yet. i will ask mr. hale to respond to this. it is part of the overall larger strategic interest, as we are moving 60% of our naval assets into the asia-pacific area. do you want to respond? >> there are specific problems with sequestration. we are trying to solve them. there is a small amount of money in this program to help. but we have to look at this in light of what happens in overall sequestration before we make the final decision. we would like to finish it. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> i could not help but think of one of the earlier questions about sexual misconduct. at the naval academy and elsewhere, at least it was reported in the press
posts and served as chief nuclear negotiator. as president, he will run the economy and we'll influence in other spheres, but the supreme leader of the country is ayatollah ali khamenei, who oversees matters of national security. shortly after winning the election, rouhani spoke on state television. -- ofud nation of the ron iran, i congratulate you. you're committed and meaningful involvement on elections, under fulfillment of your religious and national duty to response to the call of the leader of the revolution. without a doubt, the real winner of this election is you, the people, the consciousness, peas -- peace and hope placed your heart into the hands of an all- knowing and mighty god. you have given trust in religious democracy emma a journey towards respect and national interest, and the governments that six to moderate them a correct, and measure. >> the ron -- he ran's residential campaign found thousands -- saw thousands rallying in favors of reforms. there are mass protests over the disputed reelection of president amit in the jacques, who is leaving power after exhausting
conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. aren't always the most obvious. take the humble stevia plant, with a surprising secret to share: sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. ♪ >>> this block, we're talking about the big business stories. and we're starting with two of the world's top designers now sentenced to prison. maybe you've heard of these two guys. dominica dolce and stefano gabbana. >> i know them. >> they're accused of not telling authorities about an offshoot company that cost literally millions in euros and taxes. dolce & gabbana say it's not true. neither started their sentence. the trending twitter, hash tag dolcegabbana. >> they'll be fine. it's a multibillion dollar brand. they'll h
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